American University in Dubai

Architecture senior student showcase

This exhibition presents the awarded projects from the Architecture Senior Showcase 2021-2022 at the American University in Dubai.

A jury of international experts from the industry, academia and press voted on the projects, declaring a first, second and third place as well as honourable mentions and design awards.

An additional jury led by the scientific director of the International Architecture Magazine Compasses, Andrea Pane, assigned a special award for publication.

Another series of awards involved the local and global community, including professors, alumni, faculty members and common audience, who voted directly on social media.

The proposals include a music hall for the deaf community, an architecture typology designed for contemporary nomads, a cultural building dedicated to Arabic dance and a tower that collects water from its facade.

Additionally, each of the students created a conceptual book including the pre-design phase.

House of Silence

By Yasmeen Hussein Mohd Issa

House of Silence aims to create architecture that includes and integrates the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. This project is about sound and silence, and what happens when they meet.

Award - First place

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Stitching Cultures

By Priyanka Nikhil Dhurandhar

Providing platforms support cultural preservation and representation but simultaneously encourage both Indian and Tibetan cultures to grow and learn from one another.


Award - Second place

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By Suood Abdulrazzaq Yousef Abdulla Aal Abdulla

Offering space for hikers, trekkers and visitors, this project is a fantastic place to stay for those who want to explore the area.


Award - Third place

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By Adam Maher Meziou

The main concept derives from the maps of typical 2D video games. The player moves along a path that may diverge into multiple directions, from which they may decide to either resume the main path or divert.


Award -  Honourable mention

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Reviving Peaks: A Quarry Rehabilitation

By Ayesha Khalid Nasser Khamis AlSuwaidi

The quarry is transformed into a cultural and artistic destination by analysing the morphology of components of a traditional neighbourhood.


Award - Honorable Mention

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Esoteria: Bazaar of the Mystics

By Farah Sherif Ali

A repository of esoteric teachings will educate and a contemplation retreat will encourage investigation. The goal is to create a fantastical, otherworldly experience, a feast for the senses and the spirit.


Award - Honorable Mention

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No-mads' Land: an Archipelago for 21st Century Nomads

By Nadine Ammar

No-Mads' Land serves as an embodiment of the tangible and intangible ephemerality of human existence through the design of space and the architecture – the vessel – as temporary, mobile, flexible and adaptable.


Award -  Faculty & Alumni Award

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By Dheyaa Ahmed Dheyaa

Enkidu tries to understand death and the afterlife from a multifaceted perspective. It interconnects the different aspects to achieve a holistic view of the subject.


Award - Innovative Design Award

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By Raeesa Salem AlShaiba Mubarak AlHattawi

This project intends to build a structure that serves the community, collects rainwater, provides pedestrian-friendly access and makes Hatta more sustainable through farming and recreation.


Award - Sustainable Design Award

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By Sham Sarraj

The project aims to cover all types of dances in the Arab region through training, showcasing and performing with the purpose of catering to all, including the dancer, the spectator and the choreographer.


Award - Heritage Design Award

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By Hiba Salah Ali Dabash

The project enhances an existing neighbourhood by providing the missing needs and focusing on walkability.


Award - Community Design Award

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By AlHanouf AlNassar

The concept of the project is based on converting humidity into usable water. It is located on an island, which is mostly occupied by hotels and resorts.

Award - People's Choice Award and Architecture Magazine Compasses Award

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UnNoticed: 12:30-3:00

By Mais Marouf

UnNoticed is a series of tower hubs placed around the country to provide refuge for outdoor workers, including construction workers, delivery men, outdoor cleaners, and road and landscape workers during their midday break.

Award - Professor Award, Dr Georges Kachaamy

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Baqala: The Social Hypermarket

By Elham Abdel Hakim Younis Al-Dweik

Baqala: The Social Hypermarket combines retail and transportation. Different spaces and spatial layouts are created depending on the vicinity of the mode of transportation and the average time it needs to arrive.


Award - Professor Award, Dr. Abdellatif Qamhaieh

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Reinventing the Nonplace

By Aya Khaled Abdelazim Rashwan

The project aims to counteract the impact of the highway, stitching the urban fabric to connect the community while introducing a system to block the noise and air pollution.


Award - Professor Award, Dr Anna Cornaro

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