Prof. Ali A. Alraouf

Senior advisor for research and development | Ministry of Municipality,Qatar

Prof. Alraouf is an architect and urban designer focusing on research and consultancy within the domain of holistic sustainability in architecture and urbanism. He was a Visiting Scholar at University of California at Berkeley-USA. Alraouf has held permanent and visiting teaching and research positions at regional and international universities. Alraouf’s current research interests are Knowledge-based Urban Development, Post-Carbon Contemporary Gulf Cities, Sustainable Urban vitalization of Historical Districts, Knowledge, and Creative cities. He provides consultancy in numerous projects regionally and internationally and act as a consultant for international organizations include UN-Habitat, UNESCOW, ESCOWA, ICOMOS among others. He published more than 150 journal refereed papers, critical reviews, essays, in addition to books and book chapters. Alraouf serves in editorial boards and acts as a reviewer for international journals and conferences. He has been invited to present his research work at international institutions in over 30 countries. Alraouf is the recipient of several research and teaching awards. In addition to teaching at HBK University in Qatar, Alraouf is currently acts as senior advisor for research and development at Ministry of Municipality in Qatar. He is also a board member of the international society for city planners (ISOCARP).