John Coghlan

Principal l C&E Legal Solutions

John is a Construction and Engineering (C&E) Law specialist with over 35 years of experience, within the industry/legal profession, and before starting C&E Legal Solutions, he worked with several large international law firms (Partner/Managing Partner).

In short, he provides employers, main contractors, subcontractors, engineers, design consultants etc with cost-effective strategic legal advice, on all stages of complex C&E Projects across the globe.

He adopts a client-focused approach and ensures clients understand their C&E contract’s legal risks. In addition, I help clients manage those risks to protect their position under the law/contract, get paid, submit successful claims and avoid formal disputes throughout a project’s lifecycle while progressing their C&E projects towards completion and profit.

His cost-effective and client-focused approach ensures, in circumstances where a formal dispute arises (Courts and/or ADR), that clients are protected and prepared. This significantly increases the client’s chances of winning the dispute, reduces stress/disruption and allows clients to continue building their businesses.