Dr. Elie Metri

Managing Director | Quality Support Solutions Co.Ltd.

Dr. Elie Metri is the Managing Director of Quality Support Solutions Co.Ltd. The HQ is located in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh with branches in the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan. In addition, he is the Chairman of QSS Sdn Bhd Malaysia and the Founder of Tzawajna Co.Ltd. The mobile application that made a big impact in the MENA region, being the first of its kind in the area; Tzawajna was hosted on multiple TV stations and international newspapers.

Dr. Elie is a known industry technologist, innovator and a leader that played an essential role in the digital transformation in the EMENA region. He is recognized by the Worldcob business trust organization as a silver international member and he has been delegated as the Entrepreneur of tomorrow by the American University Of Science And Technology in Beirut as well he has been nominated for the international 2019 young entrepreneurs awards.

He holds a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration and Management from The European international university in France and a master’s degree in computer and communication engineering.



In Addition Dr. Elie has been awarded the title of counselor in International Disputes from the International Arbitration organization and he is an active member of the board. \

He fluently speaks Arabic, French and English and is currently headquartered in Riyadh.