Dianne Dain

President | The Singer Foundation

Dianne Dain is President and Chief Innovation Officer of The Singer Foundation and co-founder of Sea Blue Consulting, with a focus on new paradigms of feminine innovation, sustainability frameworks, ethics of care, love, and harmony with our world.

Dianne was on the WHO Innovation team throughout the pandemic, was a founder of the UN Reboot Accelerator at the United Nations and Global Partnership Lead at the United Nations Secretariat in New York, helping create the UN Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL), impacting thousands of youth innovators and entrepreneurs in multiple global locations.

She mentors at the Oxford Said Business School and the Oxford Character Project.

As a mother of four children, she was named the California Mother of the Year and the 75th National American Mother of the Year in 2010.  This award was created by Eleanor Roosevelt during the depression, to recognize mothers who held families and communities together during difficult times.