Alex Lubbock

Global Construction Practice Director | BSI Group

Alex joined BSI in 2021 as the Global Construction Practice Director for BSI Group. Operationally responsible for global testing and certification of construction products and services, Alex brings eighteen years’ experience in the Built Environment. Alex works closely with all levels of the supply chain from an assurance perspective and supports agendas relating to digital, sustainability, safety and quality. Alex enjoyed nearly four years working on strategy and policy for UK Government relating to digital construction, manufacturing construction and digital twins and presented as a keynote speaker at the big 5 in 2018 in this capacity. Alex worked closely with central Government departments on strategy and policy development and execution around infrastructure and construction. He was previously a part of the Government Construction Board in the UK on behalf of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority as well as on the board for the industrial strategy challenge fund for clean growth and Digital Built Britain. Prior to this Alex worked in different levels and stages of the project lifecycle across the built environment including commercial, project and change roles.